Thursday, 15 December 2011

2 hour talk to LW Freshmen eight rowers

Last night I had a discussion and debate with a group of guys who are going to enter into the weigh-in world. We sat around a table and they asked, and I answered. I shared my experiences as a lightweight. Some of the stupid things I have done, and some of the better things I achieved to make weight, and making weight that did not effect my performance. Mike Teti, men's US open weight coach said: this is not the sport of weight making, this is rowing! And so sometimes when we get so caught up in making weight, I remember this and always bring it back to measuring your performance, your training and your race as the ultimate marker.

I introduced these rowers to the way of the caveman, or paleo. And culturally it shook their minds. To suggest salmon for breakfast and not cereal and milk was a hard egg to swallow. And the question came up of what are my friends going to think of me. I think its amazing to think how far away we have been removed from a very natural way of eating. How far into processed food we have been delivered, that now trying to go back seems embarrassingly backwards. Instead, it's the smartest thing that has made the most sense out of all the diets out there. That's why, one day I will journal this way into nourish lightweight happiness. Or something like that.

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