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If you would like help on changing to a Paleo-Eater please contact me. There are various ways I can help guide you on this path that will change your life. Eating, cooking, buying and enjoying Paleo is so simple that it seems complicated. But once you have a few steps down, you will be dancing away no problem! The prices for these services depend so much on your needs. So please email me, and tell me what you are interested in, where you live and I'll get you a value price.

  1. Kitchen Clean-Out - Helping to go through your pantry and fridge that you provide as food for you and your family is a great way to start. This is a great base to understanding how to adjust from what is already familiar to you. Change is always overwhelming, but starting with some things already known to you makes the change more sustainable. We are not looking for a diet approach that you can't maintain for longer than two weeks, we want to incorporate a lifestyle change!
  2. Grocery Shopping - Let's schedule a trip to your local supermarket where you do most of your shopping. Eating well doesn't mean it has to come from high end nature/biological/organic stores like Whole Foods or PCC. Wherever you shop for your groceries be in Safeway or Spar, we can make it paleo. Some ideas about shopping to look out for is local farmer's markets/ fruit and vegetables stands on the drive home or asian markets.
    On a side note: You don't have to feel compelled to buy organic for the food to be 'good'. USDA certified organics seems like another marketing label that comes with an unnecessary added price for the paper protocol instead of the added expense going towards the farmer who took greater care of the environment and growing practices. It's much harder to grow fruits and veggies, or provide true grass-fed meat than just spraying chemicals to keep the bugs away or shoving the animals in muddy-cramped feed lots.
  3. Cooking Together - If you enjoying cooking, or want to learn how cool cooking is, then let's schedule some time to prepare a couple of meals. We can cater this completely to what you need, be it preparing school lunches, meals for sports practices, or even baking and desserts!  Preparing Paleo, which does mean from scratch is super easy. And the meals we will prepare won't take more than 20 minutes each. That's shorter than a drive through when you consider getting in your car from home and taking the time to go get some food. Even if you are a busy mom who hardly has time for anything, we can help carve out food preparation days that you keep ready on hand. This really gets to the meat of the matter, as the last step before you serve and get to do the eating! So we need to make sure there is enjoyment in the whole process otherwise this has a diet approach that again, is not going to last. If you think, or tell you family we are eating celery sticks and carrots for dinner, they will not be happy. But with some creative additions of spices and simple techniques you can be a great chef and make tasty meals without having to rely on a recipe! It would be best to schedule this right in your own kitchen using the tools familiar to you. However more cooking classes are coming as I seek out venues. I will keep you posted!
    Another interesting motivation to keep paleo and make this change sustainable: We need to make this whole process enjoyable. Cooking and eating Paleo will make you happy and your whole family will be in better moods, I can assure you that. "We are wired for pleasure" according to neuroscientist Candace Pert, so don't deny yourself a very intrinsic and natural state.
  4. Teenage Cooking Party - Let's give our teenagers the best chance of success by helping them to make good food choices so that it becomes easy habits. I have create a cool little learning booklet with food journaling pages that each participant will get. We will quickly go over the theory part and then we will create some fun recipes together. And of course the best part is sharing the creations afterwards. With this class food returns to a social, fun shared event, and not something to be feared or threatened by the obesity onslaught or judged at how fat you are. Being healthy has more to do with eating than exercising, so teaching our kids that only if they do sports are they healthy is not true. Also teaching our kids what is real food is important as more and more food-like substances appear on the shelve but contain hidden ingredients that increase weight and inflammation. This is a great activity for an afternoon or evening and a nice way for your teenager to encourage friendships by having a few friends over and not just be in front of the tv.
  5. Coffee Chat - Perhaps you just want to tell me about what's going on with your food, eating habits and nutritional concerns. Sitting down together over a little espresso can help guide you in the right direction or help you understand better Paleo principles. If you would like to gather a few friends, or just you, let's see how we can implement changes to what you nourish your body with. You are what you eat, there is no doubt that new flesh and bones and brain matter is made from what you eat, so paying attention to this stuff matters!
  6. Dietician in the House - I have the practical down, but there is great science behind this and more medical advise on Paleo eating. My mentor is Amy Kubal (Fuel as Rx), and I would recommend her services. She is a registered dietician and performance eating mastermind.

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