Sunday, 30 September 2012

It's NOT working

The worst advise to give someone trying to lose serious weight is:

"Eat less, Exercise more"

It doesn't work. If you are someone trying to do this very thing, just stop. It's a recipe for failure. Don't beat yourself up for one moment that you can't do it. And don't look for expert advise. The USDA is backed by lobbyists. Big corporations are going to keep telling you this advise, so they can keep in business. But the statistics are the bottom line, the proof in the pudding, and they are screaming that this advise is not working. What are the statistics: Today the entire
U.S. obesity percentage is 33.9%. In 1994 it was only 22.9%. Yet we are today more focussed on exercise and made aware of nutrition with saturated tv-shows, tv-mercials, food labels, magazines, store signs, and people talking are saying ‘healthy’ and ‘good for you’ that we should be dropping these numbers. It's not working! You have to go outside of the box. Way outside of the Jack in the Box thinking!

‘Doesn’t get fat because it overeats, it overeats because it gets fat’ - Gary Taubes (Why We Get Fat and what to do about it : 2011)

To deny a basic instinct to eat when hungry. And the reward for working up an appetite by changing lifestyles habits to more active ones is to eat less still and feel more guilty that you are more hungry. But the body soon will start to compensate. If it doesn’t get the energy from food it will start to slow your metabolic rate down, and burn less energy. Within months, if not as soon as days, when given the chance to eat we will and the body will put the weight back. The increased hunger did not produce sustainable weight-loss, but instead stressed that this restriction couldn’t come sooner. It was simply another diet-attempt, that had a deadline.

I see eating a diet free of grains, legumes and dairy being a solution for obesity. No-one becomes overweight by pigging out on too wild meat, or veggies, omelets or salmon, kale, pepper slices or cucumber dip. But plenty of people get very fat from organic muffins, whole-grain bagels, high-fiber breakfast cereals, low-salt pretzels, all natural crackers, cakes, croissants, donuts or pies. No matter how you spin it, wheat, gluten, bread its all a high carbohydrate that remains highly processed. There is no demographic, once ingesting bread that has escaped the weight gain crisis. Asian cultures fed on rice are an excellent example of when a western-wheat diet filled their plates, so did their bodies, fill out.

But what would our mind’s paint when I say picnics without hotdog buns, eggs without toast, lunch without sandwiches, beer without pretzels, cheese without crackers, pie without crust. I know past cowboy pictures would not have thought life without cigarettes would be possible. But it has become so. The progressive and aggressive mindsets of our American people have made this transformation revolution. Once the myths were debunked of the so called healthy and social habits cigarettes were pouted for, changing our diet away from all wheat (gluten) products, including soy and going on a paleo rich way of eating is on the same track. I believe this lifestyle change proves sustainable, similar to the lines of Jesus’s parables where by teaching a man to fish he will have food for life instead of giving a fish for one day, which is the restriction diet-only focus. Your weight should be determined by nature, not by the food-industry so build up a renewed awareness. By eating REAL FOOD (meat, fish, veggies, fruits, seeds and nuts), I believe will solve the essence of overeating: feeling full and what to do about it.

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