Saturday, 11 August 2012

South African Olympian Oscar Pistorius eats Paleo

Picture from the Guardian UK
In an August 9th article found in countertalk posted on the Cultivate blog, Oscar was interviewed about his kitchen habits. Although the common thread in this blog is about kitchen design, I found the mention of what he eats very exciting:

CULTIVATE: What foods fuel you as an Olympian?
OSCAR: In the past few years, I’ve cut out quite a few things. My diet now mainly consists of meat, fish, nuts, and seeds—it’s a bit of a caveman diet in that if it doesn’t grow naturally, it doesn’t get eaten. I've always been a big fan of fruits and vegetables too.
This made me proud to firstly be a fellow South African, and secondly that another elite athlete is achieving on paleo!
Some cool info on Oscar:
In the 4 x 400m relay, South Africa ran anyway, despite not finishing the heat. There was a collision leaving Oscar waiting for the baton exchange that never came. The IAAF gave a surprise ruling that SA gets to run in the final in the outline lane 9. Read full article on SuperSport with video > They finished 8th.
Oscar didn't reach the final in the 400m, which was his main event. But it was great too see the camaraderie after the semi where the heat winner Kirani James exchange his pinned label with Oscar. Read full article on SuperSport with video >
Picture from the Guardian UK

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