Saturday, 12 May 2012

Emotional Eating

When I don't perform to my best and the onslaught of disappointment hits I really gravitate to cookies and cakes. These are things I got when young and have emotional memories of happiness, feeling nourished, from mom, and at family gatherings. I felt connected.

Yet with all the great knowledge I have about processed foods, when I feel depressed, I want to eat everything. So the best advise I try to follow: When you are upset - don't eat. That's when we have no connection to how full we are. There is a void that can not be filled with food.

So asking "What's eating you?" is the question more than "what you are eating?"
Where is the sweetness in your life?

Emotional eating comes from your body's most simplest way of trying to protect you from the stress; it doesn't know what to do. It thinks back in the day you were in famine or going to be eaten by a lion so it tells you to get energy and store it. But today our stresses are related to mortgage payments, late for work and this causes chemicals that sets in place the same protection mechanisms in our body.

So I want to leave you with 3 resources:
1. a recipe from a full measure of happiness > here
2. a really cool video about motivation factors > here
3. a poem : I wrote this when I was searching for my pursuit of happyness:

Our aim
To work
Donate billions
To understand
And then open up
To smile
To accumulate
CV points
To change
And be proud
Restrict the 'ifs',
Add up the bible verses
To call more often
To be good?
I once heard our aim was more simple than this list.
I once agreed, but now have forgotten that our aim was and is
Simply to connect.

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