Thursday, 26 April 2012

Paleo in Netherlands with Travelling

When in transit, it really takes some planning and effort to get through on the other side with paleo in tact. Inside of hotel, I looked for a bed and breakfast with a kitchen, but the kitchen is not with easy access. It makes it seem that going to the local restaurants is just easier. At first its seems really fun; explore dutch food, not having to search for the ingredients, not having to clean up, and figure out the new kitchen set up. But soon, eating out, even if choosing paleo options wears you down. This morning I woke up with swollen glands. I know the meat I ate yesterday was perhaps at the end of the day. And I'm not sure the salad I ordered earlier was without its own hidden additives. I have also realized it is quite hard to eat the meat quantities in Holland that we can so freely enjoy in the United States. Bread, cheese and bakeries are like Starbucks corners. Even the deli meats are all with E-number something added as preservatives. And the small quantities for high euros makes it hard to afford. But then you find yourself snacking all day, because you don't eat a descent meal. Today was just enough, and I bought salad ingredients, canned tuna and smoked salmon. We do what we can! Staying on top of my water is also very important. Today was the open market on the Delft Square. I enjoyed fish and macadamias fresh from the stalls and also bought a great variety of spices that I can't wait to cook with when I get back to Seattle.

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