Thursday, 01 March 2012

Oxtail Potjie for this South African eating Paleo

A Potjie is a cast iron black kettle. But it is more typical with the 3 legs that rests in the fire. Potjies are a South African tradition because of the great outdoor climate that calls for any reason to have a braai (bbq) or potjie, where fire, food and little time with beverages is a great combination.
So I'm in Seattle and warm fire-making climates don't come as quickly but I still got a potjie going. Finally bought one from EZ-Gas and got the oxtail and ingredients from the farmer's market. Here goes the making of the indoor 'paleo' potjie:

Figuring out the flame height and heat. My gas stove heat the pot really good!

Starting to saute the onions and garlic in olive oil.
Adding the oxtail. The oxtail was first put in a mix of spices like coriander and then browned.
Root veggies were added. More typical to South Africa would have been potatoes, but with these beautiful beets, Jerusalem artichokes, radishes and sweet potatoes I got, I could miss the chance to color the pot!

Now I added the vegetable stock and parsley with a little sage.
That's going to cook now for 3 hours.
In the meantime, some snacking happened. Yes Bovril, which is like Marmite, (veggimite) and carrot sticks. It's really good!
At the end of the 2.5 hours, my potjie looked like this, and I thought its ready to go.
This is how it was presented and enjoyed! It has a really rich flavor of a stew consistency slow cooked with a slight tomato and saffron hint. The oxtail was soft that it simply flaked off the bone. The beets made the dish light when compared to just using potatoes and the richness of the gravy added to a bed of greens brought out the best in all textures satisfying the entire palette.

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