Thursday, 16 February 2012

What to eat when you don't have bread with that:

I look a series of photos of what my meals consist of during the day, in and around training and more elaborate dinners. However, nothing takes me more than 20min to make, maybe the time in the oven is an hour, but I'm not 'doing' anything. So its super easy and 'quick'.
Disclaimers: Yes you do need to have access to a kitchen. Yes you do need to go buy fresh ingredients. But you would have to get food somewhere. As an athlete, time is winning. So time spent preparing the best food is like spending hours training to perform at my best.

(Cooked Salad) Spinach, Egg, Leeks, Dill & Rosemary
Roasted Biological Beef and Paprika Pepper
(Quick breakfast before training) Hammer Nutrition choc whey protein powder and mashed banana
(Lunch) Bio-Beef with onions, garlic and kale saute
Cauliflower spiced with turmeric, cumin and dill
In the roasting pan - all in the oven ready for breakfast
(Breakfast) Grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, pear with 2 eggs and smoked salmon
(Kale Salad) Kale, eggs, red onions, olives, tomatoes, zucchini
(Grill pan ready to go) Bio beef, Zucchini, white asparagus, leeks, celery
Chicken and Kale scramble with beets, tomatoes and white asparagus spiced with turmeric 
Roast chicken topped with olive oil and paprika, brussel sprouts, mushrooms and paprika pepper
Hamburger with caramelized red onions, mustard and cut up apple.

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