Saturday, 26 November 2011

PerfectPaleo Breakfast

 Here are two different days of different breakfast combinations. One was when I had more time, and could have eggs, cauliflower, apples and onions. The other is when time was short and I had eggs with cooked bananas that I did with coconut oil.

On another morning, I add chicken and acorn squash. Your body needs good food all the time, and it doesn't really care about the culturally learnt patterns of cereal and toast for breakfast. Or bagels, croissants and orange juice. All these things are so high in carbohydrates (simply too much sugar) that you spike your insulin levels too much. In about an hour you will come down crashing, feeling tired and drained. Then you go get some more coffee and maybe a muffin or cookie with that. You put more high carbohydrates (sugars) in your body that again, you will come down later with this same yoyo effect.

The opposite is when you eat a low carbohydrate meal, or you can also say low sugar, also called low glycemic index meal.
You stabilize your body with food that makes you feel nourished and full. Its not processed. Easy to digest, but slow releasing on the sugars. So you won't come crashing down. The nutritional palette of this kind of breakfast is of course way more supreme. If you hear, you must east a balanced meal, think about this breakfast you see here. How balanced this is and how many nutrients, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein and fats you are getting. Think about crossants, or bread and orange juice. That is only carbohydrates.

To use another term: Balance = Happiness
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