Thursday, 01 September 2011

Wheat Belly

I just listened to the Podcast with Robb and a cardio doctor called Dr William Davis. He was rushing to NY to support his daughter who is a pro tennis player in the us open. How cool is that?
This podcast, especially touched my heart, because its the core of what I believe the paleo diet is about. And that is the lifestyle and sustainability that comes when you are aware of what certain foods are doing to you. In particular this talk focussed on grains. It also sees the release of Dr Davis's new book called Wheat Belly. Please, take time to listen to this talk. It touches all on the factors I have discovered:

1. The genetic modification of grains and the farming for higher yield problem.
2. That grains are addictive and create a morphine like response to your insulin receptors (In short you are addicted to bread and when you try to not eat it, you will go through a withdrawal period like a drug-addicit).
3. Grains are an appetite stimulate. If you take out bread from your diet you will lose weight without having the pressure that you need to exercise to lose weight, and when you don't find the time to hit the gym you think you can't lose weight or are not healthy. This is not true. If you clean up what you eat you will lose weight! Make that your first priority when low on time.
4. Taking grains out of your diet will dissolve many other illnesses you think you need medication for, like arthritis, diabetes, and allergies. And you will start taking less meds!

Just listen to the talk : I implore you >

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Or for the full page > Robb Wolf podcast 95

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